Welcome to Quasilinear Musings! I am Timothy, currently working as a data scientist at Lynx Analytics. For more information check out my Linkedin profile.

This blog serves as a playground for me to share some of my works in a more accessible manner and explore the use of data to communicate ideas. I code predominantly in R or Python.

Check out my analysis on migration and food consumption which I have written up as part of my masters thesis (slides available here) or preview the Singapore economy dashboard. For a more technical read check out how to create a custom cross-validation function in pyspark or my thoughts on using DAGs in causal inference.

My current interests are in the areas of labour economics, technology change, econometrics, NLP and graph theory so expect to see more of these stuff in the future!

This blog is written in R markdown using the excellent Blogdown package that is a wrapper for Hugo (a static site generator). Source code for the website is available at my Github page.