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Hello World

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I have been toying with the idea of starting up a new blog for quite a while but school has kept me occupied and the plans were constantly pushed back. Last year, I explored the possibility of using a wordpress system but it just seems too much of a trouble to incorporate all the features I wanted. The recently introduced blogdown R package, which this website is built on, seems like a perfect solution. It takes away the pain of hardcoding but remains flexible and simple enough so that I can focus on the content.

With school winding down, I began to explore ways to document and share my thoughts. I guess reaching the end of my formal education pathway made me aware of how easy it is to just go on with the flow of life, stop questioning, stop thinking. So here's my attempt to fight against that inertia, to stay critically engaged and curious. Anyway, I have always enjoyed discussing nitty grity details on empirical research and this blog seems like a natural extension to it.

I hope to use this platform to document most of my research projects and experiments coding in R. The ever increasing number of user-written R packages makes it such a flexible platform to conduct analysis and publish results, and has made me an R convert. Content wise here are some stuff I plan to write about:

  • Statistics and econometrics
  • My current masters research project
  • The Singapore economy
  • Other random musings

Ok, the last category intentionally keeps my options fairly open but we shall see how it evolves down the road. In the meantime please excuse the messiness and constant changes. I am still playing around with some features but let me know if you have any thoughts on the content or what you would like to see. Meanwhile...

print("Hello World")
## [1] "Hello World"