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Update on the SG Economic Dashboard

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I have updated the SG-Dashboard with 2Q 2017 numbers. I also took the opportunity to add in a few new tables and charts. There is a new table that keeps track of value-added (VA) revisions of last quarter's result. VA for certain industries such as construction are approximated based on early indicators and the actual numbers take a quarter or more to stream in. It is also interesting to see the actual economic performance and whether it matches up to the narrative of last quarter's release. As seen from the table, the construction industry was actually faring quite poorly in 1Q 2017, worse than what the initial figures suggested.

In addition, there are three new graphs on employment in Singapore. My figures are slightly different from the official estimates and are approximated from the productivity and GDP series. This gives an average employment figure rather than the official end of period employment. For the third graph featuring change in employment since 2010, the change in employment numbers for the most recent year (2017) are calculated using a "year to date" definition. The accumulated bars give a good picture on how the labour market has changed since 2010.