Speeding up R Plotly web apps - R x Javascript part I

Back to blogging! Sorry for the long hiatus, had some personal projects which kept me really occupied over the past few months. Hope to share about them one of these days and potentially even explore open sourcing parts of them but the idea of this post is to transfer some of my learnings over the past year to an issue in R that always irritated me - slow loading webapps. [Read More]

Binance hackathon - 2nd place solution

Technical overview of the solution and my hackathon experience

It has been about a month since my team and I placed 2nd in a hackathon organised by Binance. Since it was my first time officially doing front-end development, I thought it would be fun to blog about my experience in the hackathon and document the technical solution which I coded up in react.js. A massive congratulations to the three winning teams of the #Binance #SAFU Hackathon who shared a prize of \(100,000 USD worth of <a href="https://twitter. [Read More]