An Overview of the Singapore Hiring Landscape

The idea of having a 360 degree view of the entire job seeking and matching landscape has always been a dream of any labour economist. Just imagine, a dataset of CVs and job seekers matched with job advertisements and openings! The potential of such a dataset to answer existing questions on the labour market is incredible. One could investigate market power between worker and firms, information asymmetry within the matching process, or find out new growth clusters and skills needed to support these areas. [Read More]

Thesis Thursday 4 - Analysing Recipes

One of the main component of my thesis is a mapping from consumers’ purchases to country related expenditure shares. This requires a method to associate each available product to a particular country. I have briefly discussed the issue in the introductory post but have made significant progress on this front that I think is worth sharing. The recipe dataset This recipe dataset was created by scraping recipes from that are tagged to particular region or country. [Read More]

Scraping SG's GDP data using SingStat's API

I have been trying to catch-up on the latest release of Singapore’s economic results. Unfortunately, the official press release or media reports are not very useful. They either contain too much irrelevant information or not enough details for my liking. Maybe I just like looking at the numbers and letting the figures speak for themselves. Hence, I decided to obtain the data from the official SingStat’s Table Builder website. [Read More]